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Wellness Consulting for Women of Color

is real wealth,
and not pieces
of gold and silver.
Mahatma Gandhi

What would YOU do if there was nothing in your way?

You have spent years of your life taking care of others.  You are reliable, self-sufficient, and tenacious.  Loved ones often describe you as a "Superwoman."

You are in demand - 

- a professional who takes charge in the office.


But,  there are also kids to raise, friendships to nurture, partners to love, family to see. You have a lot to manage. You take care of these responsibilities with extraordinary strength and class.  You make it look easy.


There’s also little time for you. A part of you feels deprived, afraid and overwhelmed, because you know that your health and wellness is slowly suffering.  


You also know that being healthy is not a passive process.  You have seen family members and friends diagnosed with chronic illnesses - diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease - illnesses that are largely linked to diet and exercise.  You are terrified that chronic illness will become your reality in the future.


Or maybe you use the “hope management” approach.  Maybe you avoid thinking about the long-term impact of your lifestyle choices on your health by: 

  • Pushing away fears about a heart attack

  • Hoping that you won’t get that diabetes diagnosis

  • Pretending that unhealthy choices won't catch up to you.  


There is a part of you that wants to put time and effort into your own wellness.  You want to:

  • improve your health

  • live your life with energy and confidence.  

  • be a model of health for your children, friends, and family. 


But there are major challenges.


Who has time to cook healthy meals? Who has the energy to exercise?  


I want to get healthy, but….


Where do I start? How do I find motivation? How do I get through the guilt of taking time for myself?  Can I find a strong support system?

You know you have the power to be more, do more, fully embrace your power, but somewhere between the work deadlines, your kids’ football games, the laundry, and taking care of others, YOU got lost. Let’s get you back.



So what EXACTLY is Fit For a Queen Wellness Consulting?  


We are on a mission to help Women of Color destroy unhealthy fitness myths that keep you chained to poor health choices, chronic disease, a decreased quality of life, and inactivity.  We are LASER FOCUSED on helping Women of Color transform their mindset to live a life that is healthy, vibrant, brazen, and ROYAL.

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